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Center Information

This is a list of information required:

  • The center's name: Kiddie DayCare & Preschool
  • The Address: Location Specific
  • The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services has issued a license for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. This license will be posted in the office for viewing.
  • The law and rules governing childcare are available for viewing upon request.
  • The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services toll-free number is listed on the face of the center's license.
  • The administrator and each employee of the center are required under Section 2152.421 of the Ohio Revised Code to report suspicions of child abuse or child neglect.
  • Any custodial parent, custodian, or guardian of a child enrolled in a child day care center shall be permitted unlimited access to the center during it's hours of operation for the purpose of contacting their children, evaluation of the care provided by the center, or evaluating the premises. Upon entering the premises, notify the administrator or their designate of your presence.
  • The center's licensing record including, but not limited to compliance report forms from the department and evaluation forms from the health, building, and fire department that inspected the center are posted for review.
  • All children will be taken outside to play on a daily basis. All children will need to wear weather appropriate clothes, which will include jackets or coats, hats, mittens or gloves, and scarves. The weather conditions that would not allow us to go outside would include: a temperature of 35 degrees or below, or a temperature of 95 degrees or above, if there is reported high heat index or if it is raining or snowing. We do not play outside in the snow, however, our staff may bring snow indoors to allow the children to experience playing with it firsthand.

About Kiddie Day Care & Preschool

Kiddie Day Care & Preschool offers a Christian atmosphere for children to learn the fundamentals of life. Our center is staffed with teachers that can offer the best care for the children and families. All staff is trained in C.P.R., first aid, child abuse, and communicable diseases.


Howland – 3990 North River Road, Howland, Ohio 44484 – 330.856.9393

Champion – 5033 Mahoning Avenue, Champion, Ohio 44483 – 330.847.9393

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