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Discipline And Behavior Management Policy

Kiddie Day Care & Preschool believes that discipline is an important component for classroom harmony. Therefore, the following discipline procedures will be enforced:

First Offense:

A verbal warning is given, with an explanation of the offense.

Second Offense:

"Time Out" in the classroom under direct teacher supervision. Teacher will multiply one minute times the age of the child ( a 4-year-old will sit in "time out" for 4 minutes)

Third Offense:

The teacher will call the administrator to the room to discuss with the child the offense for which he/she is being reprimanded.

Fourth Offense:

Parent will be contacted for a conference, with the approval of the administrator. The owner, administrator, teacher, and parents will discuss a solution to the particular offense.

The following discipline policy for the KDC shall apply to all persons on the premises and shall be restricted as follows:

  • We model appropriate behavior; we praise, reward, and encourage the children.
  • We reason with and provide the children with logical consequences of their behavior.
  • We provide alternatives for inappropriate behavior to the children.
  • We DO NOT spank, shake, or otherwise physically punish the children.
  • We DO NOT make fun of or otherwise verbally abuse the children.
  • We DO NOT place the children in locked rooms, closets, or boxes as punishment.
  • We DO NOT withhold food, rest, or toilet use.
  • We DO NOT leave any child unattended.

About Kiddie Day Care & Preschool

Kiddie Day Care & Preschool offers a Christian atmosphere for children to learn the fundamentals of life. Our center is staffed with teachers that can offer the best care for the children and families. All staff is trained in C.P.R., first aid, child abuse, and communicable diseases.


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