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Howland – 330.856.9393 Champion – 330.847.9393

Both Kiddie Day Care Locations are approved to operate as a pandemic child care center.

Daycare Required Postings

In accordance with the State of Ohio, the KDC must post the following in each location:

  1. The License (conspicuous place) - Rule 30
  2. Inspection Reports (conspicuous place: - Rule 30
  3. Medical, Dental, & General Emergency Plan (by each telephone and in each classroom and other spaces used by children) Rule 34
  4. Dental First Aid Chart (with medical, dental, and general emergency plans) - Rule 34
  5. Communicable Disease Chart (located readily available to staff/parents) - Rule 33
  6. Weekly Menu (conspicuous space) - Rule 39
  7. Fire & Weather Alert Plan, written plan and diagram (in each classroom and other spaces used by children)- Rule 34
  8. "No Smoking" sign (conspicuous place) - Rule 16
  9. Fire Drill Log (conspicuous place at main entrance) - Rule 16
  10. Daily Program Schedule (conspicuous place) - Rule 16
  11. Administrator's scheduled hours on site ( conspicuous place) - Rule 24

About Kiddie Day Care & Preschool

Kiddie Day Care & Preschool offers a Christian atmosphere for children to learn the fundamentals of life. Our center is staffed with teachers that can offer the best care for the children and families. All staff is trained in C.P.R., first aid, child abuse, and communicable diseases.


Howland – 3990 North River Road, Howland, Ohio 44484 – 330.856.9393

Champion – 5033 Mahoning Avenue, Champion, Ohio 44483 – 330.847.9393

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