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Thank you for visiting the KDC! The following information is intended to provide help you to make the best possible choice in the placement of your child. It is our purpose to provide the best care available for your child. Our staff is trained in CPR, first aid, communicable disease, and child abuse. Our program is designed to help your child in their mental, physical, and social development.

Hours: Our school is open Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Ages: Children 6 weeks to 8 years of age can be enrolled.
Ratios: Infants – Ages 6 weeks to 12 months – 4 to 1
Infants – Ages 12 months to 18 months – 5 to 1
Toddlers – Ages 18 months to 2 years – 6 to 1
Toddlers – Ages 2 years to 3 years – 8 to 1
Preschool – Ages 3 years to 4 years – 12 to 1
Preschool – Ages 4 years to 5 years – 14 to 1
School Age – Ages 5 years to 8 years – 18 to 1
Enrollment: Applications are available at the school's office. A completed physician's record and an emergency transportation authorization form (all parts of application packet) must be on file before the child can attend Kiddie Day Care & Preschool. We are licensed to serve infants through school age children. When enrolling students, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or natural origin.
Meals: A well-balanced, nutritious snack is served daily. There is no extra charge for these meals. Monday through Friday, parents are required to provide a lunch for their children. Lunches should include something from all four basic food groups, and include an ice pack. We suggest that all toddlers have a spill proof sip cup. All lunches can be brought in a child size lunch box, but no glass containers.
Toilet: Kiddie Day Care & Preschool will assist parents with the toilet training of their child, beginning at age 2.
Training Policy: No derogatory remarks, or negative comments will be said at the time of training. Children will be toilet-trained on half hour intervals, or as needed. No child will be left unattended while toilet training. Children will be given praise when act is attempted or accomplished, along with a reward sticker for the accomplishment. All staff will wash their hands before and after. The toilet will be disinfected after each use.
Note: Each child will be required to bring a small bag with the his or her initials placed on the bag, two changes of clothing, a small travel size pillow, and a blanket to use at nap time.

About Kiddie Day Care & Preschool

Kiddie Day Care & Preschool offers a Christian atmosphere for children to learn the fundamentals of life. Our center is staffed with teachers that can offer the best care for the children and families. All staff is trained in C.P.R., first aid, child abuse, and communicable diseases.


Howland – 3990 North River Road, Howland, Ohio 44484 – 330.856.9393

Champion – 5033 Mahoning Avenue, Champion, Ohio 44483 – 330.847.9393

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